Computerized Testing


Anderson Aviation is proud to be partner with Lasergrade/PSI Testing Center; one of the largest computer-based testing companies in the United States, Canada and North America, to provide affordable and secure proctored computer-based and internet testing.  Lasergrade/PSI is one of only two computer-based testing companies authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to administer all FAA Knowledge Tests for Pilots and Mechanics in the Aviation Industry. They also provide proctored computer-based testing for government agencies as well as professional certifications.  For additional information about their testing you may want to visit their website at

Lasergrade or contact them at 800-211-2753.

Federal Aviation Administration tests are $150 plus tax and they can be administer Monday – Friday by appointment at our Testing Center.  Contact us directly at 808-833-5899 Ext 2 to obtain additional information.

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