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Aviation Academy Hawaii, Inc. is a well established Federal Aviation Administration Part 141 and Part 61 Flight Training School located at the Honolulu International Airport locally owned and operated.

We offer flying opportunities for Student Pilots, Professional Pilots and Visitors to see our breathtaking and beautiful Island of Hawaii. We want to provide you with the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience!


Become A Pilot


Aviation Academy Hawaii provides the most cost effective Professional Flight Training programs along with a high quality aviation education.  Students obtaining their pilot certification at our School will have the opportunity to transfer credits to be used towards an aviation four-year degree college or university.  Graduates completing the Certified Flight Instructor courses will have the opportunity to stay on as a Fight Instructor.


Aviation Academy Hawaii has teamed up with Be A Pilot program (www.beapilot.com) to encourage people to experience flying and explore the many opportunities that the aviation industry has to offer. Those who have never flown in a small airplane are curious about what their reaction may be to the experience and would like to take a brief preliminary flight in a small aircraft before signing up for pilot training.Aviation Academy Hawaii offers such an Introductory Flight, about half an hour for $69. This flight will take off on one of the same Honolulu International Airport runways you will be using as a student, flies out over Pearl Harbor, out to the practice area, on towards Barbers Point and returns over the ocean to land at the airport. Enroute the instructor pilot will name some basic flight controls present in the aircraft, use them to demonstrate some basic pilot maneuvers and point out some common navigation points along the way. You will feel the sense of release from earth-bound restraints, the physical sensations of being airborne, the freedom of self-controlled flight, the open magnificent view and if you’re like most, you’ll return exhilarated, strongly anticipating your next aviation experience.

Introductory Flights can also be customized to meet your flying expectations. Call us at 808-833-5899 Ext 1 or email us at reservations@abovehawaii.com to book this awesome flight today!


Course studies consist of a combination of flight and ground time emphasizing in FAA regulations, safety, basic aerodynamics and maneuvers, aircraft systems, aircraft navigation and weather.  The course will also include preparation for the FAA Written Test, Practical and Oral Examinations. Part 141 students will undergo several stage checks as listed in the 141 syllabus.


1) Minimum Age 17 upon completion

2) Read, Speak and Understand English

3) Student 3rd Class Medical or Higher


  • 35 Hours Ground Training
  • 30 Hours Flight (Dual) Training
  • 05 Hours Flight (Solo) Training
  • Pass Written and Practical Test


  •   35 Hours Ground Training
  •   30 Hours Flight (Dual) Training0
  •   10 Hours Flight (Solo) Training
  •   Pass Written and Practical Test


1.  Hours listed are based FAA minimum requirements.  2.  All courses are trained to proficiency and additional hours may be needed to satisfy completion of the course.

Our Fleet

Attention Pilots!

While in Hawaii – Fly in Hawaii!

Hawaii has to be absolutely the most beautiful place to rent an airplane and just cruise around the skies of the entire state or even just Oahu. We are a family of Islands, and would like you to bring along your family at no extra charge. See the lush green vegetation and numerous cascading waterfalls. Just cruising along the shoreline of the Islands and admiring the blue green waters and pristine beaches is simply breathtaking!

Rentals are available at the Honolulu International Airport and it is quite easy to complete a checkout with one of our professional instructors. The instructor will go over the local procedures within the class “B” airspace as well as the ground facilities. This takes approximately one hour or so of ground and one hour or so of flight.

You may prefer to skip the checkout altogether and take along one of our professional flight instructors. The instructor may handle the radios if desired and will provide the local aviation background and aircraft safety knowledge essential to island flying. The responsibility for the safety of the flight rests with the instructor. You, as the pilot, can then fully relax and enjoy your flight and the magnificent beauty of Hawaii as only available from the air.

To book a flight today call us at (808) 833-5899 or email us at reservations@abovehawaii.com

Our prices are reasonable. Please contact us for more information.


The newest addition to Aviation Academy Hawaii’s fleet of aircraft used for training is a Liberty XL2, complete with Glass Panel Avionics, the first of its kind in Hawaii. With its rugged design, low carbon emissions, IFR certified and arriving with a reputation of being a most comfortable aircraft for the training environment we are looking forward to it being of long and satisfactory service to our students.

Aviation Academy Hawaii has an FAA approved PCATD. The IFR PCATD is made up of stunningly accurate flight dynamics, every airport and navaid, photo-realistic graphics, Real-World Weather and the first true-to-life instrument failures ever designed for a PC. ASA has teamed up with the software engineers at Precision Training Software to give every pilot the “virtual arena” he or she needs to practice their hard-won skills of scan, procedure and spatial awareness. Are you vacationing in Hawaii and didn’t happen to pack your headset or other flying items this trip? Don’t worry, Aviation Academy Hawaii has headsets and life vests for rent at a nominal fee (life rafts are complimentary). Along with having a well stocked Pilot Shop which includes Hawaiian Island Sectional Charts, Pacific Chart Supplements and many other flight assists and planning tools. A selection of aviation gifts are also available.

LIBERTY XL2 (Single Engine)

PIPER ARROW IV PA-28RT -201 (Single Engine-Retractable Gear)

BEECHCRAFT TRAVELAIR D95A (Multi-Engine – Retractable Gear)

Simulator PCATD      (IFR Simulator)